Friday 28 October 2022

The simple way to do Walla Crag

So we were missing Walla Crag, which is a fairly short walk from a decent road, so I'd been saving this in case we really needed a short walk.  With Evie sitting this one out, everyone was quite happy to extend this a little.  It would have seemed a rude otherwise, given the weather was much better than the previous days.

Difficulty: 5.9
Walkers: Tim, Caroline, Poppy (12), Piper
11:19, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (93)
12:12, 2.1km 0h52 300m, Walla Crag (376, Wainwright)
13:05, 4.5km 1h45 560m, Bleaberry Fell (590, Wainwright)
13:54, 6.4km 2h35 685m, High Seat (Lake District) (608, Wainwright)
14:25, 8.2km 3h05 728m, High Tove (515, Wainwright)
14:54, 9.5km 3h35 796m, Armboth Fell (475, Wainwright)
17:37, 17.5km 6h18 941m, End (65)

Climbing up from Derwent Water

Walla Crag.  The view is really worth the short climb up from the lake.

Looking back towards Derwent Water

Bleaberry Fell

High Seat

Also from High Seat

The wonderful new path.  Now some poeple complain about paths like this, other people are mindful of the benefits to minimising erosion.  I liked keeping my boots dry.

High Tove.  At this point we agreed we had time to go a loop to the next one before heading home.

Armboth Fell, clearly worth the additional steps through boggy ground and crossing streams to let Poppy tick this one off.

Piper was very pleased that our route home was next to some water.  She was less pleased that she was kept on lead...

We finally found another place to let Piper off lead for a bit and go paddling.

The viewpoint in Ashness Wood, looking over Derwent Water

Ashness Bridge.  We had to wait a bit as there were quite a few people hanging around taking pictures here, it's quite a famous packhorse bridge.  It was definitely insta-ready.  We, however, were very much not by this point in our walk!

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