Tuesday 18 July 2023

Ben More via A'Chioch

There was only one Munro that was almost convenient, and this is also miles away from any others, so good to tick it off.  We had to get the ferry across to the Isle of Mull, then drive up to where we could park off the road for this route.  I was very keen on doing the interesting way up, so that's the way we went.

Difficulty: 5.5
Walkers: Tim, Caroline, Isabelle (21), Grace (18), Evie (15), Poppy (12)
10:27, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (-12)
14:53, 7.5km 4h25 1085m, Ben More (966, Munro)
17:08, 13.8km 6h40 1089m, End (10)

The first easy climb up to the saddle point.

Piper was very keen to go over the saddle point and explore, rather than turning right and going up.

Views back north to where we're come from.

Piper having fun climbing up to A'Chioch.

Fairly narrow paths

Piper needed helping up a couple of the bigger steps but otherwise four paw drive was vastly superior.

Now the fun ridge approaches!

We did end up splitting on the way up, with Poppy and Piper going with me, and Isabelle and Grace helping Caroline up the steeper bits.  Grace provided the soundtrack to keep everyone's spirits up, with song like 'The Only Way Is Up', you get the picture.

View from the top!  Awesome to see this view.

The much more gentle way down.  It would have really not been as fun to go up this way.


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