Sunday 20 March 2022

Four more down the bottom right

After visiting James Rebanks and his wonderful farm, we headed down to Haweswater to fit in our second walk of the weekend before heading back home.  We knew we had time for the first two Wainwrights in the loop, given the time and the speed we were walked we decided we had time for the extra two as well.  Given the weather was so great, it would have been a shame not to fit them in.

Difficulty: 6.2
Walkers: Tim, Caroline
12:28, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (258)
13:29, 3.4km 1h01 480m, Branstree (713, Wainwright)
13:32, 3.5km 1h04 480m, Branstree (713, Hewitt)
14:22, 6.4km 1h54 645m, Tarn Crag (Sleddale) (664, Wainwright, Hewitt)
14:47, 8.0km 2h19 690m, Grey Crag (638, Wainwright, Hewitt)
16:28, 13.8km 3h59 1026m, Selside Pike (655, Hewitt, Wainwright)
17:41, 18.2km 5h12 1026m, End (244)

As we drove up to the carpark there were cars turning back as it was full.  Once we'd got there a few spaces had opened up, although we'd already left the car in a safe location on the roadside.

Above Mardale Head, climbing up to Gategarth Path,

Branstree, looking north east.

We set off on our there-and-back route.  This is most of the way to Tarn Crag. 

Tarn Crag.  Well actually it's not, it's the Pillar around 20m from the official Tarn Crag point, but I think this view is awesome - I think it's Windermere you can see in the distance.

This is actually Tarn Crag.

Grey Crag, only a little further along.

Selside Pike

The view into Swindale

Walking down Old Corpse Road backwards Haweswater.

Past High Loup/Low Loup buildings.

Following Caroline down the path.

Final shot from our weekend in the lakes, seeing the sun set over the far fellside.

Saturday 19 March 2022

Ullscarf and (finally) Armboth Fell

We aimed for the Steel Fell carpark - the road that side of Thirlmere was closed, but we could get to the car park fine from the south side.  

Difficulty: 6.4
Walkers: Tim, Caroline
10:21, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (205)
12:27, 5.5km 2h05 598m, Ullscarf (726, Wainwright, Hewitt)
14:02, 10.9km 3h40 723m, High Tove (515, Wainwright)
14:27, 12.2km 4h05 795m, Armboth Fell (475, Wainwright)
17:01, 20.7km 6h39 902m, End (200)

Looking back down towards Thirlmere.

Looking for a place to cross.

Ullscarf.  We took a slight short cut rather than going to Greenup Edge, the direct route to the top.

Just north of Blea Tarn, looking west.

At High Tove, not a new Wainwright for us, but slightly drier than last time we were here.

Finally at Armboth Fell.  Our last trip here had stopped short, this time we got to the right spot.

Descending down to Thirlmere.

At the bottom.

Views to the north of Thirlmere.

The reason why the road was closed, glad we didn't get to here and have to turn around.

Sunset over the fells, reflected in the calm water.