Tuesday 25 October 2022

Finally getting to Caw Fell

Despite going to Wasdale several times and doing pretty much all the Wainrights in sight, we'd never quite made it to Caw Fell, which you either to from Wast Water (which was a much longer drive from where we were staying) or from Ennerdale.  Very limited parking in Ennerdale (which is a great thing), so there was one choice of route for this walk.

Difficulty: 6.4
Walkers: Tim, Caroline, Evie (14), Poppy (12), Piper
10:51, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (71)
11:49, 2.4km 0h58 457m, Crag Fell (523, Wainwright)
13:15, 6.8km 2h24 782m, Iron Crag (Ennerdale Fell) (640, Hewitt)
14:01, 9.4km 3h10 921m, Caw Fell (697, Wainwright)
16:54, 17.8km 6h03 1128m, End (105)

After walking across from the car park we paused before heading up the side of the hill.


Starting the path upwards.

Crag Fell

By the wall separating the path and Iron Crag the Hewitt.

And yes, we did the detour to make sure we got to Iron Crag, and then back to the crossing over the wall.

And finally all the way to Caw Fell.

After some time on the way back we came out of the clouds, this is at Crag Fell on our return journey.

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