Monday 24 October 2022

Glaramara and another dark way home

We'd never quite made it to Glaramara, doing both ends of this ridge but never joining them up, so we headed down to the car park at Seathwaite to do this loop.

Difficulty: 7.2
Walkers: Tim, Caroline, Evie (14), Poppy (12), Piper
10:34, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (122)
13:06, 6.0km 2h32 672m, Allen Crags (785, Hewitt, Wainwright)
14:00, 7.7km 3h25 775m, Red Beck Top (Glaramara South Top) (Lincomb Head-Glaramara) (721, Hewitt)
14:37, 9.0km 4h02 897m, Glaramara (783, Hewitt, Wainwright)
16:02, 11.7km 5h27 1047m, Dovenest Top (Dovenest Crag) (Stonethwaite Fell) (632, Hewitt)
16:56, 13.7km 6h21 1179m, Rosthwaite Fell (551, Wainwright)
19:00, 20.5km 8h25 1224m, End (93)

The way up the valley.

Allen Crags, and time for treats

Poppy at Red Beck Top, one of the two extra Hewitts that we also picked up along this ridge.

Finally the main objective of this walk: Glaramara.  You wonder why we never made it here before...

And our second bonus Hewitt, Dovenest Top.

At this point we lost Evie for a bit. She did turn up, and thankfully it wasn't that cloudy at the time, but there is a downside to encouraging independence!

Piper at Rosthwate Fell

Poppy taking on Piper on the way back down

And finally we got to the valley floor as the light fell.  We tried to find a path, but turned off the road too early, so headed back and did the rest along the road. Headtorches are great!

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