Sunday 14 January 2018

Lesson 158: Croissants au Beurre

In preparation for my pastries course at the cookery school next week I thought I'd have a go first and see.

First off, the pasty made fine in the kitchen aid, it took much less than 6 min to ball up on the dough hook, but it wasn't smooth at this point.  I didn't get any fresh yeast so used some of the water (warm) and dried yeast mixed.  This is the pasty rolled out, and the extra butter placed on top.  It would have been nice to get it more square at this point, but probably didn't matter too much,

Now after arranging into 4 layer.

After a chill, more folding, and more chilling, here's my 50cm x 50cm pastry rolled out.

Half cut up, and made into mini croissants. 

All out, ready to rise.  However it was 11pm at night, so no chance of a nice warm kitchen to rise in.  All in the oven to keep the cats from licking them, one of the ovens was slightly warm from being used that evening.

The next morning - unsurprisingly the ones in the warm oven had risen more than the others, although still not really enough.

After baking at about 185C fan for 15min.

The full set - more risen ones on the left.  Both tasted fine, the smaller ones were just a bit more dense.  The larger ones didn't have any real air gaps in like the ones you buy - I suspect this is partly insufficient rising and partly a trick to make them cost less to make!  Still, they all went (40!) for breakfast and lunch that day, with a request for Pains au Chocolate next... 

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