Monday 1 January 2018

Fellbarrow on New Year's Day

We had a late start after a delicious cooked breakfast for New Year's Day, so we picked one of the shorter walks we had planned.  It was a great morning, with a clear blue sky, unfortunately the afternoon was not quite so nice.  So a little shame to lose the best walking conditions of the week, but the sausages and bacon were worth it.

Difficulty: 3
Walkers: Tim, Caroline, Isabelle (15), Grace (13), Evie (10), Poppy (7)
11:29, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (135)
13:16, 3.5km 1h47 393m, Low Fell (423, Wainwright)
13:59, 5.5km 2h30 486m, Fellbarrow (416, Wainwright)
14:57, 8.7km 3h28 495m, End (134)

There were a whole lot of cars in the two car parks, quite a change from the rest of the week.

Lovely conditions, although some ominous clouds where the wind was coming from.

Up the steep grassy slope to Darling Fell, looking along the route down and up again to Low Fell.

Last views before the clouds descended. 

At Low Fell, with virtually no view, heavy rain and high winds.  Surprisingly we didn't stay for long.

Occasional views of distant peaks through the mirk.

Now at Fellbarrow, conditions still pretty wet and windy.  The plan was to retrace our steps, but I'd spotted a marked footpath on the mapping app on my phone, so we made a circular walk of it - this path got us down off the hillside faster, so was a much better plan.

We found the right track down towards the road, which is running from right (north) to left (south) in this photo. 

Looking back up, still pretty nasty up there, but much better lower down.  All in all a satisfying walk, but one to test the spirits a little...

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