Wednesday 3 January 2018

Heading up high in the wind

The forecast was windy - the impact of storm Eleanor hitting the west coast of the UK bringing 70mph winds.  We stuck to the plan of heading up higher, mainly since all the route was fairly level with no ridges or cliffs to be careful of.  In the event the wind was high but pretty consistent, so much easier to compensate for.

Difficulty: 5
10:13, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (212)
11:45, 3.2km 1h31 506m, Bakestall (673, Wainwright)
13:37, 7.2km 3h23 830m, Great Calva (690, Wainwright, Hewitt)
15:11, 13.0km 4h57 855m, End (210)

We parked at the obvious off road space for half a dozen cars, after passing very close to where we had stayed a few years earlier.  The footpath goes straight from here following the Cumbria Way.

Following the path, with Bakestall straight ahead.  The route skirts around the base to the left, before going steeply up just where the hillside juts out slightly.

The fairly steep uphill section.  It was so grassy that it really didn't present many problems.

And up into the familiar cloud cover at around 600m.

Finally at the top of Bakestall, sheltering from the wind as usual.

We headed down, careful to stay to the right of Birkett Edge, using the fence to the right as a guide.  From here, it's straight down back to the Cumbria Way, then up the other side to Little Calva. 

We stopped at the bottom and had some lunch in the shelter of the wall next to the path, before heading back up the other side, another steep ascent.

After following another fence uphill, the path curves off to the right, heading up this gully towards the top.

Poppy at Little Calva.  So Little that the others had marched off, towards Great Calva that was lurking in the cloud.  Did I already mention it was quite windy?

At the top of Great Calva.  The walk up to the top was another where I held onto Poppy and Evie to stop them getting blown off their feet, and to make sure they kept on walking uphill.  We got enough view to know that it could give spectacular views if only it was clearer, so yet another peak that we need to revisit in good weather! 

Heading down the hillside, back towards the Cumbria Way, with our children showing a rare moment of unity.

We kept a good pace back along the path, since it was a very easy flat surface.  The views back were stunning, with Bakestall rising up to the left of the path.  A great end to a great week.  The lack of rain was a huge bonus that day!

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