Monday 29 May 2017

Lingmoor Fell in Bank Holiday drizzle

With the forecasst for rain most or all of the day, we picked a shorter lower walk from the house.  It was typical bank holiday weather, constant drizzle with occasional bouts of harder rain...

Difficulty: 4
Walkers: Tim, Caroline, Grace (12), Evie (9), Poppy (6 1/2)
10:21, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (93)
12:43, 6.3km 2h22 477m, Lingmoor Fell (469)
15:38, 12.9km 5h17 591m, End (98)

We set off from the house, with a short road section before heading across the valley.  Past a couple of great places for Pooh Sticks, and then along the path just below the trees.  Grace was navigating, and doing quite a good job - spotting an easier path up than the one I had mapped out.  Gaining some height we got to the older quarry workings, including a mine going into the side of the hillside.  We didn't dare to venture inside, but it wasn't gated off so probably would have been safe.

Further up the ridge we were definitely inside the clouds.  Still raining, but raincoats were still holding out well.

Finally at the top of Lingmoor Fell, with occasional view down to the Langdale valley, although the other side to Blea Tarn was completely covered.

And along the ridge, down towards Side Pike and to Squeeze Rock.  Thankfully no child carrier to fit through on this trip, and everyone fitted through - Evie and Poppy just fit facing the front, Gace, Caroline and I sideways.

We found a much more sensible path down than the previous trip, with Caroline leading the way.  Someway down we could finally see Blea Tarn.

And back along the side of the valley, before resuming our Pooh Sticks competition.

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