Wednesday 1 April 2015

Lingmell (not Scafell)

So we set off with high hopes of a high walk - know that Scafell Pike was reachable from the house was too good an opportunity to miss.  We were even keen enough to walk from the house, this time knowing there was going to be enough uphill to actually quite looking forward to the flat start and end to mix it up.  In the end it wasn't to be, much to our disappointment. 

Difficulty: 5
Walkers: Tim, Caroline, Isabelle (12), Grace (10), Evie (7), Poppy (4 1/2)
11:14, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (110)
15:20, 7.1km 4h05 782m, Lingmell (807)
18:19, 13.9km 7h05 891m, End (117)

Despite some high cloud and the remains of the snow fall from yesterday, it was quite a pleasant day.  Quite a straightforward climb but fairly hard work up Lingmell Gill.

We stopped for lunch in Hollow Stones, really quite a weird place with huge boulders strewn about everywhere.

As we climbed up further the weather got predictably worse, and visibility of the path was pretty bad.  It was one of those walks where I was glad to have a satnav as well as paper maps.  Getting to Lingmell Col I made the call that we weren't going up to Scafell Pike that day, but we'd settle for Lingmell instead - saving 180m of climbing in pretty horrible conditions.  Perhaps we should have pushed on, but I guess I was trying to save the occasion of getting to the highest mountain to conditions where we could properly enjoy being at the top.

Still, making the top of Lingmell wasn't trivial, but we made it.

Not much view to speak of though, at the top or on the way down.

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