Friday 5 April 2013

The bleak fells at the back of beyond

Given our position in the northern lakes, we were looking around for some Wainwrights to pick off that would be a sensible walking length and sensible drive to get to.  We picked these, but the weather wasn't particularly kind and there was very little shelter.

Difficulty: 3
Walkers: Tim, Caroline, Isabelle (10), Grace (8), Evie (5)
11:01, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (234)
12:46, 1.6km 1h45 418m, Carrock Fell (663)
14:25, 5.2km 3h24 511m, High Pike (Caldbeck) (658)
16:36, 10.2km 5h35 513m, End (234)

We parked just off the road going north off the A66 past Mungrisdale and Mosedale.

It was cold, windy, icy, and starting to sleet.

Evie, borrowing my neck warmer - this was one of the days that prompted up to make sure that everyone has their own...

Looking back down the route, right on the edge of the lakes.

At the top of Carrock Fell.  Getting the kids to eat enough was a problem, but especially for Poppy who was getting pretty cold sitting in the carrier.  We just about got her to eat a banana and some chocolate, but that was about it.

The route over the fells towards High Pike.

And going back up again, slightly easier when there is some grass to walk on.

Isabelle at the top of High Pike.

Did I remember to say that it was cold?

Thankfully coming down meant the going got easier and not quite as cold, with even Poppy warming up enough to do some walking.

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