Sunday 24 October 2021

Hallin Fell and a loop in the rain

First of the planned walks on the south shore of Ullswater.  We hadn't walked in this area before, so had quite a bit of distance to cover.

Difficulty: 5.5
Walkers: Tim, Caroline, Grace (17), Evie (13), Poppy (11), Piper
10:48, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (223)
11:06, 0.8km 0h17 160m, Hallin Fell (388, Wainwright)
12:14, 3.1km 1h25 375m, Steel Knotts (432, Wainwright)
14:05, 7.0km 3h16 721m, Wether Hill (671, Wainwright)
14:25, 8.5km 3h36 769m, Loadpot Hill (672, Hewitt, Wainwright)
15:23, 11.6km 4h34 807m, Arthur's Pike (533, Wainwright)
15:48, 13.0km 4h59 843m, Bonscale Pike (524, Wainwright)
17:10, 16.1km 6h21 925m, End (223)

 First hill was a 'there and back' trip up Hallin Fell, the way up gave a great view of where we were going next.

Top of Hallin Fell

Steel Knotts

Stop for lunch

Piper was very happy as the lunch stop was near a stream.

Loadpot Hill, not a great view

Arthur's Pike

No photos after this as it was raining too hard, however Dave took this video of me trying to demonstrate what the weather was like

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