Friday 13 April 2018

Helm Crag to Steel Fell

Another walk that Caroline and myself had done before, we knew could be really rewarding with the views, and that covered a couple of Wainwrights that the girls hadn't done before.

Difficulty: 5
Walkers: Tim, Caroline, Grace (13), Evie (10), Poppy (7)
10:29, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (68)
12:00, 3.6km 1h30 347m, Helm Crag (405, Wainwright)
12:47, 5.1km 2h17 435m, Gibson Knott (420, Wainwright)
14:03, 7.2km 3h33 600m, Calf Crag (537, Wainwright)
15:08, 9.8km 4h38 701m, Steel Fell (553, Wainwright)
17:04, 15.6km 6h34 739m, End (68)

We drove the fairly short distance from Elterwater via the back of Grasmere, then walked from the car park through the village and up Helm Crag.

The top of the climb up, looking back towards Ambleside.  Today was not going to be the rewarding views...

Helm Crag.

The view onwards towards Gibson Knott, and then back on the ridge to the right from Steel Feel, which is just in the clouds.  The A591 winds its way north on the right hand of the picture.

Gibson Knott, Poppy very proud to get to the top, after we failed to make it far enough along the ridge last time we came here with kids.

Evie, slightly less awed by the top of Gibson Knott.

Caroline, enjoying more atmospheric photo opportunities.

Moving around towards Calf Crag and we got a view down the valley towards Grasmere, before we started going back up into the clouds. 

Grace at Calf Crag, more intrepid walkers approach in the distance.

Now we walked down the other ridge towards Steel Feel.

At the top of Steel Fell, looking pretty similar to when Caroline and I were up here.

Sometime later, the rest of the party emerges out of the mist on their final ascent.  Shortly after this we start our descent, and usefully head off in the wrong direction for a while before I twig that we shouldn't be going down next to a fence and do a rapid course correction.

Finally, half way down, the view reappears, Helm Crag in the centre, and Grasmere/Ambleside beyond.  Well, okay, it's not that good a view...

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