Friday 24 June 2016

Simple Cupcake Birthday Cake

I did this take cake for Poppy's 6th birthday, which (as usual) we celebrated with her friends before they all disappeared for the summer holidays.

First make lots of pink coloured cake.

I can't remember the quantities I'm afraid, but it looks enough to make two healthy round cakes.  Well, I say healthy...

So after cutting all the edge off you're left with a nice tower.

Hacking away even more gets you the right kind of shape.

After putting roll out icing down on a cake board for the base (great for covering up all sorts of tears on the cake board), slather on lots of buttercream icing.

Looks quite neat, really.

Then fully decorated.  Most of the top was cake, covered in pink coloured buttercream and then decorated with smarties.  The height wasn't very well planned - it was higher than the chocolate fingers I'd got to simulate the folders in the case, so I ended up cutting a load down and putting them on the bottom.  It's the kind of thing the average 6 year old won't mind, but bothers me!

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