Tuesday 7 July 2015

Mopping up the Langdales

We'd done a few walks in the Langdales before, but not covered this exact ground, so it was a good choice to end the weekend on.  We parked in one of the car parks by the hotel at the bottom of Dungeon Ghyll (cunningly named the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel).

Difficulty: 6
Walkers: Tim, Caroline
10:39, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (98)
12:46, 6.7km 2h06 566m, Rossett Pike (651)
14:30, 11.3km 3h50 810m, Pike of Stickle (709)
15:03, 12.6km 4h24 916m, Thunacar Knott (723)
15:22, 13.4km 4h43 950m, Harrison Stickle (736)
15:54, 14.4km 5h14 999m, Loft Crag (680)
17:22, 17.0km 6h42 1022m, End (100)

We started up the path we had come down when we walked up the Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell on honeymoon, I always remember that descent being really quite hard, and it was certainly a lot easier going up on fresh legs.  The weather didn't really look that promising though.

Still the cloud would occasionally lift and give us both hope and a stunning view.

The route we took to Rossett Pike was great, up until the path disappeared after we reached Angle Tarn.  I'm sure this was my navigation, but it wasn't that far.

Our path woes continued on the route across to the Pike of Stickle,   In parts it was good, but we ended up walking freestyle for most of the first stretch before the crossing with Stake Pass.  This picture shows the Pike sticking up - it took a bit of persuading before Caroline got up.  In fact I had given up and gone up myself, had enjoying the view and taken some pictures before I looked behind me and saw Caroline had clearly got bored waiting and had made it to the top.  A small amount of climbing up is needed...

The view from the top, probably taken when I was waiting for Caroline.  Thankfully the cloud had really started to clear, so we were getting reliable views.

I love this picture - I'm sure some foolhardy people go this way, but not us.

Following a fairly tedious cross country stretch we made it to Thunacar Knott.  I suspect that with the obvious views from the peaks around the cliff edges many fewer people make it over to here.

Harrison Stickle, with a great panoramic view taking in Pavey Ark on the left, to Stickle Tarn in the center and Loft Crag to the right.

Our final peak for the day, Loft Crag.

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