Sunday 27 October 2013

Half a Dale Head round

We were kind of aiming to do the Dale Head round, setting off from the small car park just below Little Town.  However, the weather was pretty terrible - very windy and raining, with some hail storms just to keep your interest.

Difficulty: 4
Walkers: Tim, Caroline
11:19, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (137)
12:29, 3.1km 1h10 436m, Maiden Moor (575)
13:07, 5.3km 1h47 532m, High Spy (653)
15:23, 11.3km 4h04 574m, End (137)

Having already walked up Catbells, the next summit to the left, it was geat to walk this way and piece together another part of the lakes.

Me at the top of Maiden Moor, with Catbell directly behind.  Derwent Water is on the right, with Keswick just about visible in the far distance.  Remember that most of these photos were taken in the brief intervals between rain...

At the top of High Spy, taking shelter in the cairn. It really wasn't great to be exposed up high, so I called a halt and said we would take the valley path down rather than climb up higher to Dale Head.  That was to be left for another walk, a few years later.

The valley path back to Little Town, slightly waterlogged.

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