Tuesday 6 April 2010

Wansfell in the Wind

So the plan for this day was to start from Ambleside, parking in our favourite car park, and then head up the waterfalls, popping out the other end to climb up to Wansfell.  We bought some provisions from the Apple Pie in Ambleside.

Difficulty: 2
Walkers: Tim, Caroline, Isabelle (7), Grace (5 1/2)
0.0km 0m, Start (72)
3.8km 396m, End (81)

Yes, there were waterfalls!

Evie did some walking.

All were very keen that the provisions were shared out fairly.  Well, actually I think they were more interested that they got what they wanted, but sharing sounds better...

Leaving the waterfalls at the top end, just about managing to get them to stop going around the revolving gate.

We were quite amazed at how high Evie walked - not all the way to the top, but still quite a fair way up for 2 1/2.

The top was very windy, like really really windy.  Time spent posing for the photo was minimal... 

Still, reasonable view across to Lake Windermere.  We weren't that organised with looking for Wainwrights, so didn't carry on along the ridge to get to the Baystones, saving that walk for another day.

And back home, to yet more chocolate - we love easter week!

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