Wednesday 12 April 2006

First time up Coniston Old Man

The Old Man of Coniston is our most climbed Wainwright, this was the first time up.  I've reconstructed the route map from the photos.

We walked up from the village car park.

The top is up there somewhere.

Past the mine workings. 

The view over Coniston and the lake.

Up to Low Water

Caroline at Low Water.

Up the steep path and into the clouds.

A last shot below before everything disappears. 

Final stretch. 

Fairly rare couple photo at the top.

Descending down towards Goat's Water. 

Caroline, just checking we're not lost.

I'm prioritising finishing my lunch.

Banishead Quarry on the route home.

Evidence of native wildlife.  I'm fairly sure that we took a path marked on the map that went through a farm and we ended up going through some fields with sheep & cows that didn't look on the path.  Our first experience (of several) of navigation skills needing some polishing.

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