Monday 10 April 2006

We never got to Helvellyn

Second full day of our honeymoon and we thought we'd see what the whole fuss about the ridges up to Helvellyn was about.  So we toddled off to Glenridding and headed uphill.

I've recreated the route from a hazy recollection of the route we took, plus looking through all the photos we took and placing them.  I'm pretty sure it was about like this...

We headed up from Glenridding on the well trodden and well made path.

Looking back over Ullswater.

Me, thankfully carrying extra layers, but looking woefully unprepared - ah, the naivety of youth. 

From the geographical Birkhouse Moor, looking up to the Wainwright Birkhouse Moor, Helvellyn and Catstye Cam. 

Looking back from the Wainwright.

At Red Tarn, having lunch at the bottom before we took Swirral Edge to the top.

The snow made the paths quite tricky work, and keeping to the exposed rocks was quite a balancing effort.

Caroline, as far as we made it up to the top.  At this point we decided the best path was down rather than up, quite probably a wise decision. 

From the top, well our top, looking over Red Tarn.

And back down again.

We headed on the northerly path between Glenridding Common and Birkhouse Moor. 

Looking back to Catstye Cam.  A really enjoyable walk, even if we didn't make it to the top.

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