Saturday 28 September 2019

Two day walk

This was a walk of two halves, our first attempt at wild camping and our first weekend trip to the lakes. I could only persuade Isabelle to give this a try, which did at least mean we could do the driving in the Lotus.  We'd discussed kit list and how to split it between us, which was a great chance to buy some more equipment.  I think we ended up taking too much food though, so could have travelled quite a bit lighter.

Outbound Difficulty: 8.0
Walkers: Tim, Isabelle (17)
9:18, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (84)
11:23, 5.9km 2h04 428m, Great Crag (449, Wainwright)
14:08, 11.3km 4h50 907m, Eagle Crag (525, Wainwright)
14:35, 12.3km 5h17 979m, Sergeant's Crag (571, Wainwright)
16:00, 15.1km 6h42 1220m, High Raise (High White Stones) (762, Wainwright, Hewitt)
16:23, 16.7km 7h05 1260m, Thunacar Knott (723, Wainwright)
16:38, 17.4km 7h20 1265m, Pavey Ark (700, Wainwright)
17:20, 19.4km 8h02 1323m, Sergeant Man (736, Wainwright)
18:10, 21.2km 8h51 1340m, End (467)

We drove up on Friday evening, staying at The Leathes Head.  We had a great breakfast, and were planning to leave the car at Watendlath car park, but the hotel were happy to have the car overnight so we left it there as we set off.

We set off full of optimism with an easy start along the valley floor before starting to climb up.

First Wainwright of the day, Great Crag.

Setting off to find the way back down to the valley floor again so we could cross over, our route choice at Dock Tarn wasn't great so it did take a little longer then planned.

Now up the other side of the valley to Eagle Crag, and a great view up Borrowdale.

While I took photos Isabelle took her chance for a rest.

Now over to Sergeant's Crag, looking south. 

Isabelle wisely taking her chance for another rest.

High Raise brought out the big guns, Chocolate Hobnobs.

Another shot of High Raise, looking west.

Over to Thunacar Knott.

Pavey Ark, it seemed a bit rude not to sweep up a few of these that Isabelle had missed on previous trips. 

Finally Sergeant Man.  We very briefly considered a few more, but it was now getting close enough to lights down where we should make a move to our destination.

As we descended it hove into view: Codale Tarn, mercifully without any evidence of other tents, just nestling into the surrounding hills.

A brief look around for the best site picked out the grassy knoll, so we brought out the tent and made a start on dinner.

For a first wild camping trip I'm quite happy.  The return journey was a bit miserable with the weather and a couple of niggling injuries, but everything worked, we were comfortable enough in the tent (for one night), and we certainly didn't run out of food!

Return Difficulty: 4.0
Walkers: Tim, Isabelle (17)
9:25, 0.0km 0h00 0m, Start (467)
15:05, 14.4km 5h40 393m, End (84)

The route back was mainly in the rain, so we optimised for the return car journey, taking the short route back to allow enough time for a cafe stop in Keswick for tea & cake.  I didn't take any pictures on the return journey, but here's the route map.

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