Sunday 25 January 2015

Lesson 2: Pâte Sablée / Tarte à l'Orange

All good, and tasted very nice, cooked for dinner with MJ & Ellen.

Notes for next time:

  • For cornstarch read cornflour
  • Continued rubbing in for a while (4), could have probably done more
  • Orange juice + zest doesn't take long to start to boil
  • Cream mixture initially separated, and went thick before looking like boiling
  • Used larger bowl, but will probably fit in smaller glass bowl (1l) for chilling
  • Chilled pastry for about 3 hours, was very hard but rolled out okay.  Great to make quite flat before chilling...  Edges broke when it was rolled out, but not too much of a problem as putting it into the tart pan brings the edges together.
  • Cooked for about 17min @180, not all of the base was golden, but most and seemed to continue to brown after taking out.
  • Edges sunk down by half during cooking, not a problem as was still high enough for cream mixture.
  • Need to sieve the sugar separately before adding to the top, be generous when weighing the sugar.
  • Used kitchen torch, need to continue until the sugar get quite liquid. Top picture was not enough, below shows after going over again.
  • Tasted as good the next day, so can prepare quite a while in advance.


Made again, 20th May 2015.  Here one photo, although I think I needed to blowtorch this lots more so that the lumps of sugar melted and flowed together properly.  Clearly sugar better if not lumpy, and properly heated up!

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